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We Treat Our Clients’ Money Like Our Very Own™

Meritocracy Capital Partners Inc. (“MCP” or “we”) is a boutique investment management firm and Portfolio Manager that aligns itself to its clients. We build trust and accountability by providing a fee structure driven by performance and by having our money invested right alongside our clients’ money. As a result, we treat our clients’ money like our very own.

MCP takes a disciplined approach to investment management. For example, we employ a strict buy-low, sell-high approach in managing investment risks. We also apply a multi-faceted approach to how we screen and select the high-quality companies we invest in. This methodical approach was designed to achieve an optimal balance between wealth preservation and growth.

The investment industry in Canada has a long history of conflicting interests. We agree that Canadian investors should be served better. Consequently, we believe our approach of creating close alignment with our clients is paramount. It is our assertion that the right incentives lead to the right actions necessary to create value for our clients.

If you share this meritocracy approach to life as we do, then please look us up. You will find our contact information below. It is always nice to hear from those that share the same values we hold.

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